In addition to the pain and pressure that resulted from the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020, it also resulted in millions of people being forced to look inward and do much needed soul searching during the many hours of quarantine …


The Pandemic underscored the fact that relationships are strained; people are overwhelmed with confusing messages and millions of people have shared their feelings about lacking direction and the tools to navigate the journey of life…


In many ways, Zenith is a response to the fall-out of the largest global crisis in decades.  The zenith of a pyramid is the highest point where all angles converge - symbolizing the integration of achieving the best we can be.  In order to actualize one’s potential, a diverse group of experienced and trained professionals - with the input of prominent experts - developed the core components to build the disparate areas that make up the foundation of one’s life pyramid in order to attain personal fulfilment in life’s core areas – including health, meaning, clarity, relationships and the steps one needs to take to create the legacy we all want.


Internalizing the painstakingly drafted material that the Zenith team has developed away from the noise of pop culture and the rat race in the gorgeous and peaceful settings chosen for each Zenith Mastermind Retreat is the ideal way to begin to recalculate with kindred spirits to attain the zenith of your own customized life balance pyramid.

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