Sept. 20-22


The New Model

A True Mastermind

Zenith Mastermind is shifting away from the speaker-conference model previously followed at retreats, and toward a more true mastermind. With this new Zenith model, networking, problem-solving, and philanthropy will be drastically ramped up, while the costs will be dramatically toned down. There will be no keynote speakers, but there will be open roundtable discussions to encourage creative solution-finding and meaningful business connections. There will also be a very "à-la-carte" style to the way we have fun. Every Zenith Mastermind Participant is completely free to choose his /her own living arrangements, as well as the activities they would like to participate in. With that said, Zenith Mastermind has acquired some very favorable options for housing, featuring the #1-rated resort in Hawaii at extremely discounted rates. But with the freedom to choose virtually every aspect of your journey in Hawaii, this mastermind retreat will truly be what you make it, at a price you can be comfortable with!

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Tropical Resort
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In the past several years, the world has experienced a precipitous deterioration in the quality of relationship and family value; a conspicuous degradation in moral standards and increased levels of anxiety connected to lack of direction and sensory overload. In a word, millions of people are leading lives in quiet desperation. The dearth of well researched and credible forums where people are able to receive tools and clarity to navigate through a would that is changing at break neck speed culminated in the launch of Zenith Mastermind Retreats. ("ZMR").

ZMR provides a unique opportunity to learn from and interact with sought after experts in various disciplines with fellow kindred spirits in beautiful locations specifically selected to create an atmosphere that is conductive to ensuring that guests are able to develop their own 'Life GPS' in order to reach the zenith in all aspects of their lives.

Meet the Founders

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